Offer points in exchange for consumption, visits, challenges or actions they take and provide them with memberships so that they can obtain specific benefits tailored to their specific interest, this guarantees a successful loyalty program.


Coupons, On-Line Store and QR Codes

We customize the Rodia platform with your logo, colors and contents. We connect your social networks and website to the Rodia system


On line Store

QR Codes

News and Events

Keep your customers informed of the latest events and news of your business and of related information that may be of interest to them. With this you will keep them alert and interested in your products and services.



Online Polls and Survey Platform

Create polls and receive feedback from your customers through surveys, it is the most efficient and economical way to try new ideas for products and services. Always remember to offer prizes or bonus points to you clients in exchange for their help.

Online Polls



Offer custom raffles from Rodia.app for all your clients or a group of them that meet some requirement or that are part of a special group. The system guarantees to choose a winner at random. This is a fun way to keep your customers alert of your business.


Challenges and achievements

A strategy to always keep your client with interest focused on your business is through Challenges and by rewarding their Achievements with points that they can use to continue purchasing products and services in your business.



Sports SweepStakes

For sports lovers it is an essential module, give them a new way to earn points through their passion for sport.

Sports SweepStakes


Form groups among the followers of your business in order to create different communities, where your clients can share news and live together. This is the way to create a community of people who consume your products or services and have a special connection with your brand.