Value Proposition

We are the fusion of 2 large teams with extensive experience in 2 different fields, technology and political campaigns.
Our team of technology experts, with more than 15 years of experience in technology platform development, from a complete banking core to Blockchain-based platforms, all with IN-HOUSE design and development.
Our political communication team is the largest in Latin America with experience in more than 12 countries, including the United States, Brazil and Mexico, which impact more than 50 million people per year.

Where do we bring value to your brand?


How many customers know about your brand?

Top of Mind

What do they think about your brand?

War room

  • Position a mass discourse associating the offer of your business with the local values and causes.
  • Is important to generate and disseminate content not linked to your sales speech. Content that is of value for your customer / client.

Top of Heart

How do they relate to your brand?
  • P2P content ecosystem.
  • Build and manage digital communities.
  • Technology for loyalty plan management.

Top of Wallet

Sympathy / Affinity / Consumption

Top of Voice

Brand promotion
  • Incentive system, contests and activations.
  • Ambassadors and territorial promoters plan.
  • BTL campaigns.